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Ketchup+Mustard is a team of designers and content strategists working together to help businesses achieve a stronger marketing approach, more impactful design elements, and a thoughtful voice in their quest for world domination.

And it starts with a simple conversation.

Whether you’re a new business looking for a strong visual foundation, an existing business with new growth potential, or an established company looking for a fresh perspective or design support, we can help. We tailor our services to suit the needs of our clients and we help evaluate those needs with a simple conversation about goals, current tools, and expectations.

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A Quick Start Guide to Working With Us

We know that hiring a design firm to work on your behalf can be intimidating. If you haven’t worked with a marketing or design company already, we’ll happily explain the process, expectations, and costs associated with investing in your world domination at length to make sure you’re perfectly comfortable with our services and our team. Once you know the in’s and out’s of our environment you can work with us in one of two ways.

Option 1: You Tell Us

This is exactly what it sounds like. You have a project in mind and you need help creating the content, the design, the methods of awareness, the whatever. Simply tell us about the project and we’ll send over a cost and timeline to achieve what you’re looking to accomplish. Some of the common requests that land in this bucket include:

  • I need a logo.

  • I need a web site.
  • I need a poster designed.

  • I need help with a new tagline.

  • I need an ad for this magazine.

  • I need a new package design for my product.

  • I need a new look for my site.

Option 2: We Tell You

One of the primary benefits of our services is our commitment to your success. Our evaluation process is remarkably valuable and we have found over the past seven years of client engagement that a lot of our clients have amazing goals but don’t necessarily know the best way to reach them. This is where we jump in.

The process is simple and it starts with a conversation about your business, your services, your goals, internal systems/processes, and campaigns currently in place. We then go to work evaluating the paths of least resistance to reach a target audience, minimize expenses, streamline your workflow and set you up with a guide map for success.

Clients who fit this service typically say things like:

  • I’m a new business.  What do I need?

  • I need to be more attractive to millennials.

  • A large retailer wants to sell my product.  What do I need to do?

  • We just got a budget for marketing.  Where should I spend it?

  • We’re having a large event. Where should I advertise?

  • So, should I be doing more social media stuff?

Our Team

Brian Seales

Brian Seales

Creative Director

Brian helps evaluate your needs, identify your best course of action and discusses the process involved with gaining world domination. He tends to get really excited about talking with clients about design and marketing.

Leya Belmonte

Leya Belmonte

Art Director

Leya is head of mission control for all of our design projects. She is the master organizer, quality engineer and design pro tasked with keeping all of the plates spinning and all the final artwork pristine.

Shannon Larkin

Shannon Larkin

Account Manager

Shannon is accounts receivable, accounts payable, office manager and production designer all wrapped into one (And she still finds time to make sure everyone on the team is happy and energized.)

Breanna Fuqua

Breanna Fuqua

Junior Designer

Breanna “Bre” is our superstar production designer and greets each new project with energy and optimism.

Client Samples

  • August Corporate Partners
  • Hospice of the NW Foundation
  • Tap Trail
  • Bank of the Pacific
  • Healthy Pet
  • itek energy
  • Bellingham Chamber of Commerce
  • Opportunity Council
  • PetHub
  • RADS Sauce
  • The Upfront Theatre
  • Bellingham Chamber of Commerce
  • SilvaStar
  • Foundation Restoration
  • Redboots Design
  • Otium
  • Ashai Group
  • Pedal Party NW
  • Sean Humphrey House
  • Boundary Bay Brewery
  • Wander Brewing
  • Kulshan Brewing
  • The Local Public House
  • HTG Peer Group
  • SMC
  • Trove Cannabis
  • NW Pathology
  • Mens Health Magazine
  • Atwood Ales

115 West Magnolia Street
Suite 206
Bellingham, WA  98225

(360) 312-7049