What is Ketchup+Mustard?

Ketchup+Mustard is a call-to-action marketing/design team in NW Washington dedicated to helping businesses and organizations with design or engagement challenges.

Our services encourage a stronger consumer response, identify fulfillment or organizational processes that will benefit the overall success of a product or service, and supply businesses with the appropriate tools needed to take control of their brand (eventually leading to world domination).

Our process includes asking a lot of questions to get to know the personality of your product or service, identifying a voice that resonates with your target audience, and developing visual elements to get their attention.  Easy, right?

Our Services


We understand that your products and services are second to none.  Nobody does what you do, or sells what you sell, as good as you.   Our job is to make sure you’re represented appropriately to your target audience and we do this by creating meaningful content.


Okay.  You have great content, a great product, and you know your audience.  What’s the best way to get all of this out to the masses?   We’ll help create a cohesive ad strategy to make sure you’re hitting the right targets without just throwing cash out the window.  (Sometimes that works too.)


We’re great designers.   Not only because we know our way around the Adobe Creative Suite, but also because we have the experience to know what will work for different environments.  We’ll create an amazing visual representation that is both engaging and effective.

The K+M Team

Brian Seales
Brian SealesCreative Director
Shannon Larkin
Shannon LarkinAccounts Manager
Leya Belmonte
Leya BelmonteArt Director

Careers at Ketchup+Mustard

We reward talent. We appreciate diversity. We encourage exploration.

Working at Ketchup+Mustard is more than adopting a fun new nickname.  We are dedicated to providing the most effective design and marketing strategies to our clients and your open minded perspective and commitment to quality work is paramount to our success.   Our work environment is approachable and encouraging to creative types who need freedom to explore theories or ideas, but structured in a way that provides transparency and expectations for our clients.


Full Time Senior Designer

Client Samples

  • August Corporate Partners
  • Hospice of the NW Foundation
  • Tap Trail
  • Bank of the Pacific
  • Healthy Pet
  • itek energy
  • Bellingham Chamber of Commerce
  • Opportunity Council
  • PetHub
  • RADS Sauce
  • The Upfront Theatre
  • Bellingham Chamber of Commerce
  • SilvaStar
  • Cirrus Cycles
  • Foundation Restoration
  • Redboots Design
  • Otium
  • Ashai Group
  • Pedal Party NW
  • Sean Humphrey House
  • Boundary Bay Brewery
  • Wander Brewing
  • Kulshan Brewing
  • The Local Public House
  • HTG Peer Group
  • SMC
  • Trove Cannabis
  • NW Pathology
  • Mens Health Magazine
  • Atwood Ales

115 West Magnolia Street
Suite 206
Bellingham, WA  98225

(360) 312-7049