We Have a Single Goal in Mind for ALL of our Clients.

Be the best partner for content strategy and design services, period.

The best in Bellingham. The best in the Pacific NW. The best in the west. The best in the United States. We want to be the best, everywhere! We’ve promoted ourselves as a “collaborative marketing and design team” since we began in 2010. This simple connection allows you to take advantage of our experience, our perspective, or our design talents to help in a variety of ways throughout your organization.

Our team of experts provides comprehensive marketing and design support for your business at a fraction of the cost associated with hiring a single employee. Imagine having a marketing team and collection of designers at your disposal for less than an on-site junior designer. But it’s not just about cost savings. Aside from the economic benefit to your expenses, our services are tailored to encouraging more revenue over the course of our relationship and beyond. If we don’t provide an investment value to your business, we’re not doing our job.

Brian Seales

Brian Seales

Creative Director

Brian helps evaluate your needs, identify your best course of action and discusses the process involved with gaining world domination. From concepts to final deliverables, Brian will make sure we’re on track for an amazing experience and a positive result for all of your marketing and design challenges.

Leya Belmonte

Leya Belmonte

Art Director

Leya is head of mission control for all of our design projects. Master organizer, quality engineer and design pro all-in-one, Leya is highly skilled at keeping all of the plates spinning and all the final artwork pristine.

Breanna Fuqua

Breanna Fuqua

Senior Designer

Breanna “Bre” is our superstar Senior Designer and has a role in each and every design project that comes through the doors. A Bellingham native and graduate of the design program at Western Washington University, Bre excels at digital design environments and communication graphics.

Our Process, Rates, and Capacities

Our process includes evaluating the needs of our clients and providing design and marketing services that fit best for their goals, their industry, and their competition.

We work collaboratively with each client to tailor a plan of attack that makes the most sense, will have the best impact within their market, and the greatest return on investment. This means we sometimes talk clients out of spending more money with us but if we want to maintain our role as an investment to the business, placing that full page ad in Food & Wine™ magazine may not be the best idea for your local cheese shop (True story).

Our process of EVALUATE / ORGANIZE / CONCEPTUALIZE / EXECUTE is streamlined and efficient.

Our Capacity as Designers

Our services function best when we act as the full time marketing and design team for your business. This direct connection to long term goals allows us to react to design changes, provide best case scenarios and act as an active member of your existing team. When we’re at full capacity, we can manage up to 8 full time clients with ease and high productivity. Our team extends past our doors to include videographers, photographers, social media managers, and more. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about how your marketing or design is being handled.

When not at full capacity, we’re happy to take on smaller projects as needed.  These projects often need to be nested into our production schedule, but can usually be accomplished within a couple of days.    

Current Capacity of Full-Time Clients 50%
Current Capacity of Part-Time Clients 40%
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Our Rates

Our fee structure is simple. We break each project or collection of projects into Half Day / Full Day / Week / Month rates depending on the complexity and time needed to achieve a specific goal. We only create high-quality artwork that we know will be an investment to our client.

Contract Rate

If you’re a business who needs ongoing marketing and/or design services, our monthly or annual design contracted rates will definitely be in your best interest. Aside from the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re working with a dedicated, talented, team, you’ll also be locked into a fixed design cost with no limit to our services.

Our contract rates are best for businesses who:

  • are currently considering hiring an in-house designer.

  • are currently looking to hire an in-house marketing specialist.

  • have a large list of design needs.

  • need marketing or design guidance.

  • want ongoing support for their business growth.


Our project estimation process is pretty straight forward. Simply contact us to start a conversation about your specific needs or a marketing goal you’d like to accomplish and we’ll evaluate how we can be the best partner. Once we determine the time needed to achieve your needs, we’ll send a proposal over with a detailed plan of attack and where that time lands within our half day / day / week blocks.

Half Day – $600
Full Day – $1000
Week – $4500

Please note that these time blocks are not arranged to be deadlines or suggest timeline for a project. Our production schedule varies and while we may only be billing for a full day of work, that work will most likely be done over the course of many days. We’re happy to accommodate “rush” projects with an additional 25% fee. 

Professional design team with expert level understanding of these (and more) vitally important design programs.

Ready to get started? 

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses with content marketing and design since we started in 2010. If you’d like to learn more about how we can be an asset to the success of your business, product, or service, in the most efficient way, let us know. We’re happy to chat or schedule a consultation where we can provide immediate feedback or advice to help encourage your own global domination.  

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