Your look, your voice, and your personality. All remarkably important to the long-term success of your product or service. No need to sugar coat this; if your brand is fragmented, is a bad representation of you, or isn’t effective toward your target audience, you will fail. It’s a fact.  (okay, in some cases a product is so great or innovative that the brand follows the success of the product but that’s not exactly typical.)

Our branding services are fantastic for both new businesses or existing businesses who maybe didn’t hit the mark on their first attempt. Our focus is on long-term awareness and effectiveness in a targeted environment, and our comprehensive branding packages provide you with everything you need to dominate the world.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a two step process of developing meaningful content about your product or services and distributing it to your target audience with the goal of them reacting to it and following a call to action. While the description sounds simple, having an effective content marketing strategy that works toward being an investment to the company isn’t always simple.  This is where we come in.

Step 1 – Content Development – Your toolkit for domination.

We’ll narrow down the target audience to the most effective collection and develop a tool kit of messaging and visual elements/voice that engage specifically with that audience. Could be playful, somber, energetic, aggressive, approachable, or more.  You’ll have this great little intangible box of stuff ready to distribute. It’s like your branding, but tailored to be attractive to a smaller, more impactful, group.

Step 2 – Content Distribution – Your awareness objectives.

Now that we know your target market and have this handy little kit, we’ll kick into research mode to discover all of the places they’re looking. Could be print advertising, web advertising, social media, app ads, podcasts, online videos, shopping aisles, train stations, bus stations, airports, uber cars, brochures, catalogs, friends, conferences, trade magazines, weekly newspapers, tour maps, fast food bags, trade shows,…. you get what we’re suggesting here, right? Lots to consider.

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Print Design

While often overlooked by businesses, print design is far more effective than you might think. While your local print advertisement may not be as effective as a web ad these days, the awareness opportunity in print is still pretty tremendous. And we know the best ways to use it.

So what kinds of things fall under our print design category? Um…well… everything that gets printed, we suppose. Tangible stuff. (Except for retail packaging. That’s different.) Business stationery, print ads, posters, trade show displays, catalogs, brochures, folders, instructions, rack cards, post cards, t-shirts, cut vinyl lettering, store signs, business cards… more.

Sometimes print is ideal for a product or service and if you’re working with us for content marketing, we’ll tell you when, where, and why.

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Web/Digital Design

The digital age is upon us! No joke. And depending on the products or services you’re offering, it may be the only marketing medium you need. The benefits of online advertising compared to print are huge. Dynamic info can be changed on the fly, you can track the interactivity of your market, you can easily target specific demographics and the call to action options are endless.

If you’re not taking advantage of your online presence, you’re losing out on a huge opportunity. We can help develop a game plan for online awareness and build all of the graphic elements needed to get you moving in the right direction.

How we can help:

  • Web Site Design / Development

  • Social Media Content / Branding

  • Google Adwords / Advertising

  • Mobile Responsive Web Sites

  • Mobile Apps

  • Web Site UX / UI Design

  • Ecommerce Web Sites

  • Video Production

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Retail Packaging

One of our favorite design environments and also the most challenging; having effective retail packaging is remarkably important to the success of your product. And while having pretty artwork is nice, it’s not always the best way to get attention (We can explain that more in person).

Our two step retail packaging design process is efficient and effective and will have you well on your way to dominating your competition on the store shelves and/or online.

Step 1 – Evaluation

We determine the best market, the best packaging style, the best packaging producer, and the best way to display it and we work with our various packaging producers to determine cost to produce each option at multiple quantities to make sure we’re not creating a budget issue or putting your individual retail value too high to meet shopper demand. We also consider retail space, shelf positioning and fulfillment time/cost. This step helps set the stage for the design work needed in step 2.

Step 2 – Design/Development

You choose an option from step 1 and we begin the design and development process. We’ll match the style of your packaging to your brand and the target audience following all the specs we collected from step 1. It’s simple!* 

*It’s not simple. But we know what we’re doing. 

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