RADs Sauce Packaging Design 2016-12-16T21:06:15+00:00

Project Description

RADS asked us to help him create a label for his amazingly delicious barrel aged hot sauce and we were more than thrilled to help this bottle pop off the retail shelves.

As you can probably imagine, the hot sauce category at the local grocery store is packed with brands.  Creating a look that separated RADS from the rest of the collection wasn’t a simple task, especially when considering cost to produce the labels, application/fulfillment, and fda/usda packaging guidelines.  We really wanted to showcase the personality of the RADs brand and provide some scalability for future additions to the RADS line of products.

Other services provided to RADS

  • Naming Concepts
  • GS1 Barcode Registration
  • Label Manufacturing
  • eCommerce Web Site
  • Sample Pack Artwork
  • Tradeshow Display Items