Project Description

NorthWest Conference All-Star Logo

The Bellingham Bells are a pretty big deal in the Pacific NW.  When they contacted us to ask about creating a logo for the 2015 All Star Game we were flattered and excited for the opportunity.   The goal of the project was simple:  Create an amazing iconic logo to showcase the All Star Game weekend and make it look awesome in print, web, on shirts, hats, patches, etc.   The logo had to have the essence of Bellingham, connect to the Bells organization and be energetic/dynamic.
This is what we created!   They loved it.  We loved it.   Win/Win!  (And yeah, our team won too.)

Logo Variations: 

a.  Display logo for print/web

b.  5 Color flat logo for embroidery/screenprint

c.  Simple logo for sponsorships and small print.